Please try to help us by giving a little to a good cause when pets are lost. By your donations we want to improve and expand this website when there is a family crisis in need baring the loss of a loved pet when it cannot find its way back home.
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Welcome to the BigDog66 Pet-Classifieds where you can post your pet ads with a picture in many different cities in a specific location of your suburbs with a description of your pet ad at Bigdog66.


Post ads for lost and found dogs, cats, pets, pet adoption, pet sitting, pet shows, pet services, pet supplies as well as pet products, pets in places such as animal rescue and pet boarding, etc…


This should make you feel good: By posting your pet ads, dog ads cat ads, pet product ads, you will be helping in the search in finding that lost dog, lost cat found dog, found cat. How will this make me feel good? When they look at your pet ad, dog ad, cat ad, pet product ad at our pet classified website they will be curious of the lost and found pets. The more eyes that are looking at the pet ads at our pet classified website, the greater the chances of finding that missing pet.


Please link our Pet Classifieds to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or your website. By helping the BigDog66 pet classifieds you may be helping in saving a pet’s life or finding a home for an abandon pet.



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